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About GASearch

Since 1988, GASearch has been providing State of Texas marketing intelligence software to the oil and gas industry. The GASearch software has been designed specifically for the marketing and tax departments in the energy industry. GASearch provides the technological solution for the energy industry in contract negotiations, wellhead price confirmations, tax preparations, and regulatory filing confirmations.

Energy Marketing

Unique to the industry, GASearch combines multiple data sources into a single report and query format with the inclusion of Texas RRC data, Texas Comptroller data, Nymex crude oil and natural gas Futures, as well as crude oil purchaser WTI postings. The strategic advantage by using the GASearch software and data allows the user instant access to index comparisons, as well as wellhead comparisons of multiple leases and their prices, in a single report format. No longer will a GASearch user need to maintain separate WTI posting records or Nymex benchmark prices. GASearch maintains these for the user, thus reducing the user’s valuable research time.

Ad Valorem Tax

At the touch of the mouse, GASearch “AdVal Tax” software produces annual reports for each lease in Texas pursuant to the Texas Property Tax Code Sec. 23.175. Oil and Gas Interest. No longer will tax preparers need to assimilate internal pricing data and external comparison data. The GASearch “AdVal Tax” software produces the pricing data required for annual Ad Valorem tax preparations.

Severance Tax

The GASearch software produces check reports utilized by Texas Severance Tax departments for verification of filings and accuracy of filings with the Texas Comptroller. The expense of overpayment of taxes is a critical strategic issue that must be addressed by every energy company. GASearch software is one tool to address this strategic issue.

Crude Oil Posting Bulletin Library

GASearch maintains the Crude Oil Posting Bulletin Library dating back to the 1950s. This the largest and most comprehensive historical Crude Oil Posting Bulletin Library available for research to the energy industry. The Library includes records from as far back as 1958 and includes prices from 106 different companies. The Crude Oil Bulletin Posting Library includes oil bulletins for such unique oil pricing from the 1970s as Lower Tier Oil, High Tier Oil, Stripper Oil, and other historical crude pricing parameters.
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